Very Hot Sauces

A sauce based on pepper extract which reaches a 2 million SHU and definitely not suitable for faint-hearted.
Hot Sauce: Great selection

Dave's Insanity Scorpion Pepper Sauce

Nothing but crazy-hot, deceptively fruit-like Trinidad scorpion pepper, blended with the bare minimum base ingredients to turn the chilies into a sauce.
Now even hotter! ultra-hot sauce with over 50% Carolina Reaper and 25% Trinidad Scorpion along with 7-Pot Primo and Ghost pepper!
Hot Sauce: Great selection

The Elixir

Multi-award-winning sweet and hot Caribbean style sauce.
Mr Naga
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Condiments & Pickles

Mr Naga Hot Pepper Pickle

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MR NAGA, very Hot Indian pickle made with Ghost Peppers You can use it as a condiment or as an ingredient in your cooking for great flavour intense heat
Hot Sauce: Great selection

Professor Phardtpounder's Colon Cleaner

Mustard-base, Scotch Bonnet peppers and dash of tumeric, it's a great addition to all cold & hot meats, sausages, burgers, eggs and chicken.
Torchbearer Garlic Carolina Reaper was The #7 Sauce on Hot Ones Season 8! The first ingredient in this hot sauce is Reaper, and the second ingredient is garlic.
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