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Cajohn's Bourbon Infused...
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CaJohn's Bourbon Infused Hot Sauce:The Bourbon Whiskey adds a distinctive taste to the mellow notes of the chipotle and the sweet sting of the Red Savina Habanero
Cajohn's Trinidad Scorpion...
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Cajohn's Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce

£6.95 £8.95
Cajohn's Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce very hot, with no extracts and smells divine.
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Cajohn's Vicious Viper Hot Sauce

A sauce based on pepper extract which reaches a 2 million SHU and definitely not suitable for faint-hearted.
CAJOHN'S The Reaper...
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CAJOHN'S The Reaper Slingblade Hot Sauce

The Reaper Slingblade Hot Sauce: Fiery Scoville passion with the "sharp blade" of the Reaper - the Carolina Reaper!
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