Every month we offer special discount prices on your favourite hot sauce and new chilli related products like Mr Naga, Karma Sauce and many more...

Every month we offer special discount prices on your favorite hot sauce and new chilli related products... Choose from a huge selection of gourmet hot chilli sauce and chilli products to treat yourself to a delightful meal.

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Condiments & Pickles

Unique craft condiments, Salsas, Hot Pickles and many more...

We do also have large selection of Hot Chilli Jams, Chutney and chilli oils.

Craft Condiments, Salsas & Hot Pickles

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Hot Sauce: Great selection

Marie Sharp's Smoked Habanero

Specially blended with carrots and onions to create the perfect balance between heat and flavour, this sauce is SMOKIN’! Not too mild, not too hot, just right for dishes that want a bold, smoky flair.
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